The next most significant aspect of a dating app is an intuitive interface

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The next most significant aspect of a dating app is an intuitive interface

The next most significant aspect of a dating app is an intuitive interface

  • Health status (mental and physical disorders)
  • And many other factors

There are diverse niches but, before choosing one, be sure to research its popularity and possible profitability. For instance, creating a dating app for fans of a specific TV show is potentially dangerous because you cannot be sure of its long-term viability.

User Experience

The efforts of developers, marketers and business analysts will all be for nothing and your potential profits will never be realized if users cannot find the registration button or reply to the message. An app should be simple, lightweight, fresh and engaging. This is the only way to create not just another regular product, but a phenomenon, a successful business and a new way of life, eventually.

Every detail should be carefully considered. Everything from colors to navigation within an application has the potential to add value to your product. Features should make the most of a sera, location, push notifications, etc. One of the most influential factors in a viral dating app is the gamification principle. For example, on Tinder, you don’t need to reply to everyones messages; a swipe is enough to determine whether you like escort Springfield a user or not. Thanks to this concept, the application receives over 1.6 billion swipes per day, and its paid subscriber base is 6.03 million users.

Market and Competitor Research

To find out exactly what users expect from a dating app, you need to perform a SWOT analysis of direct and indirect competitors. This is where you should start with any idea. This approach will make your product more competitive.

  • Strengths of the market players.
  • Weaknesses. Understanding vulnerabilities is essential when researching competitors. You can build your product and strategy with these in mind and eliminate or, at least, control them.
  • Opportunities. Knowing and comparing business opportunities is primary in strategy building, niche selection and application development.
  • Risks. Analyze not only potential business threats but also real challenges that competitors face and how they overcome thempanies grow from local projects to international giants not because of unlimited budgets but due to the ability to foresee risks and effectively mitigate them.


Tinder appeared in 2012 and changed the online dating landscape. Time called it a “cultural phenomenon,” and its true. Today, the dating app with its unique swipe concept has been installed on smartphones by over 50 million users worldwide, and the number continues to grow. The product is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

The intuitive UX with swiping left and right is truly addictive, especially since the potential reward is a matching couple. Integration with Facebook and Instagram allows you to forget about spending time filling in profiles and immediately start swiping. It’s worth noting that the app was so innovative and considerate of the smallest details that Tinder 2012 and 2020 are practically the same. Despite the emergence of numerous competitors, Tinder still holds a leading position in the market.


Badoo is one of Tinder’s biggest competitors, taking over the other half of the world (Eastern Europe, Latin America, Russia, Oceania). The number of social network users is impressive – 453 million.

A dating app was launched in 2011, while the product itself has been around since 2006. Unlike Tinder, in addition to dating by swipes, a user can start a chat with anyone. However, a smart system of restrictions (including the ability to send no more than two messages to a stranger) protects against spam and unwanted attention.

An impressive safety feature of the product deserves special mention. Thanks to the photo verification function, you can be sure of a persons identity and appearance before you start communicating. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

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