Listening – Pay attention and submit the fresh openings

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Listening – Pay attention and submit the fresh openings

Listening – Pay attention and submit the fresh openings

Boffins state he has got exposed info (1) ___________________ the five,000-year-old prehistoric memorial Stonehenge. visit New (2) ___________________ this new southwest off The united kingdomt was popular global. How Stonehenge try depending features (3) ___________________ for centuries. A new study suggests that new architects and you can developers from Stonehenge might have are from Wales, (4) ___________________ than just 160 kms aside. Scientists composed in the Scientific Accounts diary that (5) ___________________ bought at the site was basically from the Preseli Hills inside the western Wales. The researchers told you the fresh new eldest individual remains found yet go out back to throughout the 3000 BC, (6) ___________________ 5,100000 in years past.

Stonehenge are (7) ___________________ status monoliths – large stones. Per updates stone is around four yards high and you may 2.step 1 metres large. It (8) ___________________ twenty-five tons. Experts say Stonehenge was initially put given that a good burial mound. The latest icon monoliths also originated new Preseli Hills. Experts try (9) ___________________ old some one transferred the brand new large rocks the fresh new 160 km to their webpages when you look at the Stonehenge. It now believe people who (10) ___________________ Stonehenge assisted transportation, status and you will (11) ___________________. Specialist John Pouncett told you: “People from the newest Preseli Slopes not simply provided the bluestones made use of to build the new brick (12) ___________________ toward rocks and you may were tucked truth be told there also.”

Knowing questions

  1. What age are Stonehenge?
  2. In which from inside the England was Stonehenge?
  3. How long did this article say Stonehenge try out of Wales?
  4. What’s the title of the log mentioned regarding the post?
  5. What 5,000-year-old remains have been discovered at Stonehenge?
  6. Exactly what performed this article state monoliths was basically?
  7. What does all the stones at Stonehenge weigh?
  8. Precisely what do boffins consider Stonehenge was initially employed for?
  9. In which you’ll individuals who directed stones in order to Stonehenge become tucked?
  10. What kind of brick ‘s the brick accustomed make Stonehenge?

Multiple choice test

1) How old is Stonehenge? a) throughout the 5,100 age b) about 3,000 ages c) regarding the 8,000 many years d) on dos,100000 years dos) Where during the England was Stonehenge? a) on northwest b) throughout the the southern area of c) on the southwest d) into the London area step 3) How far performed the article state Stonehenge are out of Wales? a) just below 160 kms b) over 160 kilometres c) just 160 kilometres d) up to 160 kilometres cuatro) What’s the name of one’s record stated from the article? a) Statement Sciences b) Reporting Research c) Research Account d) Scientific Account 5) Â What 5,000-year-dated stays were available at Stonehenge? a) people remains b) pottery c) a vintage palace d) gowns and you can fabric

6) Exactly what performed this article state monoliths was in fact? a) wood doorways b) systems c) solitary web sites d) icon rocks eight) How much does all the rocks at Stonehenge weigh? a) 21 tons b) twenty five plenty c) 23 plenty d) 19 tons 8) Precisely what do scientists consider Stonehenge was initially used in? a) housing b) a big clock c) a meeting put d) an effective burial mound 9) Where you will people who directed rocks so you’re able to Stonehenge become hidden? a) no-one knows b) a beneficial London area cemetery c) in the Stonehenge d) in the Wales ten) What kind of stone is the stone familiar with generate Stonehenge? a) grey brick b) bluestone c) material brick d) hard stone

Part gamble

Role A great – Stonehenge Do you consider Stonehenge is the word’s better monument. Tell others around three reason why. Tell them what is incorrect with regards to monuments. Including, share with the rest which is the least fascinating of these (and why): Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal or Sculpture away from Freedom.

Role B – Eiffel Tower Do you believe new Eiffel Tower ‘s the word’s finest memorial. Share with others three good reason why. Tell them what is actually completely wrong with regards to monuments. As well as, tell the rest the the very least fascinating ones (and why): Stonehenge, Taj Mahal or Sculpture regarding Liberty.

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